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Welcome to my language learning blog, where I share my passion for language acquisition and offer practical tips and strategies to help you become a proficient speaker. As a full-time language teacher, I have dedicated my career to helping students unlock the benefits of language learning and achieve their language goals.

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Learn Portuguese

  • Free Portuguese Lessons for English Speakers
  • Portuguese Grammar Explanations 
  • CIPLE A2 Lessons and Courses
  • 中文翻譯

Learn French

  • Free French Lessons for English Speakers
  • French Grammar Explanations 
  • DELF Lessons and Courses
  • 中文翻譯

Learn Mandarin

  • How to Start Learning Mandarin
  • Tips for Beginners
  • Mandarin Resources


Language Learning

  • General Language Learning Tips
  • Polyglot Tips
  • Language Resources 


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