How to Talk about Feelings in French – French Feelings Vocabulary

Do you go by a day without saying how you feel? Whether it’s positive or negative… I doubt it. When learning French, you will want to express your feelings and emotions. In this post you will find a comprehensive list of French vocabulary words for feelings and emotions.

How to ask someone how they feel in French? 


Comment tu te sens? 
How do you feel? (informal)


Comment vous vous sentez? 
How do you feel? (formal)

Ça va?
Are you good?

Comment ça va?
How are you doing?

Talking about feelings in French

Je suis…
I am…

Je me sens…
I feel…

Je vais…
Lit: I go, used like “I’m doing..:”

Note that most feeling-related vocabulary is formed of adjectives. So they can be used with the French verb être. However we have some exceptions that use avoir. 




French expressions with the verb avoir


Émotion/Feeling Adjectives in French English Translation
Anger En colère, Faché, Irrité Angry
Happiness Content, Heureux, Joyeux, Satisfait Content, Happy, Joyful, Satisfied
Sadness Triste, Déprimé, Déçu, Désespéré Sad, Depressed, Disappointed, Desperate
Fear Avoir peur, Effrayé, Inquiet, Anxieux, Pétrifié Afraid, Scared, Worried, Anxious, Petrified
Disgust Dégoûté Disgusted
Surprise Surpris, Choqué Surprised, Shocked
Hurt Blessé Hurt
Loneliness Seul Lonely
Peacefulness Paisible, Serein Peaceful, Serene
Courage Courageux Courageous
Pride Fier Proud
Curiosity Curieux Curious
Relief Soulagé Relieved
Confusion Confus Confused
Embarrassment Gêné, Embarrassé Embarrassed
Impatience Impatient Impatient
Fatigue Fatigué, Épuisé, Saturé Tired, Exhausted, Saturated
Jealousy Jaloux Jealous
Temperature Froid, Chaud Cold, Hot

Some example sentences

Je me sens fatigué aujourd'hui, j'ai trop travaillé.
I feel tried today, I've worked too much.
Tu es soulagé après avoir reçu ces nouvelles?
Are you relieved after hearing this news?
Elle est blessée, tu devrais t'excuser.
She's hurt, you should apologise.


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