European Portuguese Lesson Plan, where to start, and what to focus on to start learning Portuguese in 2024.

Are you interested in learning Portuguese in 2024? Keep reading!

I have been an European Portuguese teacher since 2019, I have taught hundreds of students, trained many to take the CAPLE certificate, and here are all my tips to learn Portuguese in 2024. (+ a free lesson plan!)

Why learn Portuguese?

How to start learning Portuguese?

When starting to learn a language, we may think the hardest part is to find resources. The truth is, thanks (or because of?) the internet, the most difficult part is knowing what to learn… there is so much out there. So many resources, so many textbooks, so many tenses, so many words…And where do I start?

These are all my tips to learn Portuguese, as a full-time Portuguese teacher. 

Portuguese Grammar

Portuguese grammar can be complex, but at a beginner level, you should focus on the following areas:

    • Verbs

    • Agreements

    • Prepositions

This represents pretty much 99% of the grammar you need to learn at a beginner level. Start here
If you understand those three components and use them correctly, your grammar will be correct most of the time, and the little errors in between will not prevent you from being understood. 
Rather than trying to learn everything right away, focus on answering the following questions:

Portuguese Verbs: 
– Am I using the right verb?
– Am I using the right tense? 
– Is the verb conjugated to the right pronoun/subject?

Portuguese agreements: 

– What gender is the subject? (feminine or masculine)

– What number is the subject? (singular or plural)

– Are the elements around the noun agreeing with it? Is every element of the subject the same gender and number?  

Portuguese Prepositions:
– Am I using the right preposition?
– If I used another preposition, would it change the meaning of the verb?

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Listening and Speaking

Start by listening to Portuguese. This will help you to get a feel for the rhythm and sounds of the language. Don’t try to imitate English, as Portuguese has its own unique pronunciation and vowel sounds. Grasp these early on to ensure your pronunciation is correct.

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What Do You Need to Learn for the A2 Exam?

If you’re planning to take the A2 exam, here are some areas you need to focus on:

    • Presente do indicativo

    • Ser vs Estar

    • Pretérito Perfeito simples do indicativo

    • Ir + infinitivo

    • Artigos definidos e indefinidos

    • Determinantes e Pronomes pessoais

    • Pronomes e Advérbios interrogativos

    • Determinantes e Pronomes possessivos

    • Conjugação pronominal reflexa

    • Adjetivos

    • Advérbios

    • Preposições de tempo

    • Preposições de movimento

    • Preposições e locuções de espaço

    • Formação do plural
Grammar wise, this is everything you need to cover. As you see, everything falls under the three elements I mentioned above
Want to know what topics to learn for the Portuguese A2 level? 

4-Month Study Plan

Overwhelmed by all the information? Don’t worry! I’ve created a 4-month study plan for you. This plan is designed to guide you through the different aspects of the Portuguese language in a structured and manageable way.


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Access your 4-month lesson plan!

Don't bother thinking about what to learn next, everything is done for you + links to free lessons

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