Imagine this. It’s Monday. You’ve just joined your French class and your teacher asks “qu’est-ce que vous avez fait ce week-end?” (what did you do this weekend?) You freeze. How do you say wake up in French again? Don’t worry. This blog post covers all the vocabulary you need to talk about your daily routine in French, including some reflective verbs and time expressions. 

Key Verbs to talk about Daily Routines in French

To describe your daily routine, you will need to familiarise yourself with some important verbs. A lot of them are reflective verbs. Reflexive verbs are commonly used to describe actions you do to yourself. 

Se réveiller 

to wake up

Je me réveille à 7 heures
I wake up at 7 o'clock.

Se lever 

to get up 

Je me lève à 7h30. 
I get up at 7:30.



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to take

Je prends le petit-déjeuner à 8 heures. 
I have breakfast at 8 o'clock. 


to go

Je vais au travail à 9 heures. 
I go to work at 9 o'clock 


to work

Je travaille de 9 heures à 5 heures. 
I work from 9 to 5.


to return

Je rentre à la maison à 6 heures.
I return home at 6 o'clock. 

Se coucher 

to go to bed

Je me couche à 11 heures. 
I go to bed at 11 o'clock.

Se laver 

to wash oneself

Je me lave les mains avant de manger. 
I wash my hands before eating.

Se brosser 

to brush oneself

Je me brosse les dents après le repas. 
I brush my teeth after the meal.


to dress oneself

Je m'habille rapidement pour aller travailler. 
I quickly get dressed to go to work.

Se maquiller 

to put on makeup

Elle se maquille tous les matins. 
She puts on makeup every morning.

Se peigner 

to comb oneself

Je me peigne les cheveux avant de sortir.
I comb my hair before going out.

S’occuper des enfants 

To take care of the kids

Qui va s'occuper des enfants pendant qu'on n'est pas là?
Who's going to take care of the kids while we're not here?

Partir au travail 

To leave for work

Je pars au travail vers 7h45 (sept heures quarante-cinq) parce que je commence à 8 (huit) heures.
I leave for work around 7:45 because I start at 8 o'clock. 

Prendre le petit déj(euner) 

To have breakfast 

J'adore prendre le petit déj dans le balcon.
I love having breakfast in the balcony. 

Se préparer

To get ready

Tu prends toujours tellement de temps pour te préparer!
You always take so long to get ready.

Se raser

To shave

Oh non! J'ai oublié de me raser ce matin.
Oh no! I forgot to shave this morning.

Rentrer à la maison/chez soi

Go back home

Tu rentres chez toi en bus?
Do you go back home by bus?

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Essential Time Expressions.

To provide a clear structure to your daily routine, incorporating time expressions is crucial. Here are some useful time-related words and phrases.

Le matin 

in the morning

Je me réveille le matin. 
I wake up in the morning.


in the afternoon

Je travaille l'après-midi. 
I work in the afternoon.

Le soir 

in the evening

Je dîne le soir. 
I have dinner in the evening.



Je me lève tôt. 
I get up early.

Plus tard 


Je rentre à la maison plus tard. 
I return home later.

To add a specific time, you can simply add it at the end of the sentence.

Je me lève à 7 heures.
I wake up at 7 o’clock.

In conclusion, being able to talk about your daily routine in French is an essential skill for effective communication. By incorporating important verbs, reflexive verbs, and time expressions, you can provide a comprehensive overview of your daily activities in French. Remember to practice these phrases regularly to enhance your fluency and gain confidence in conversing about your routine. Bonne chance (good luck) with your French language journey.

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