A2 Level Portuguese Certificate – CIPLE A2 Syllabus

If you are learning Portuguese, you have probably heard of or thought of taking the A2 level Portuguese language test, commonly known as CIPLE A2. It is a great goal to give yourself in your language learning journey, and will look great on your resume, especially if you plan to work with Portuguese-speaking countries. Many people also take it to get Portuguese residency. 

In this post, you will find the Portuguese A2 syllabus, with everything you need to learn to get ready, as well commonly asked questions about the exam.

What is A2 Level Portuguese? (What is the CIPLE A2?) 

CIPLE stands for Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira, the beginner certificate for Portuguese as a Foreign language. It proves your basic ability to interact in a limited number of daily situations using Portuguese.

The A2 portuguese language certificate is commonly taken by: 

    • Learners of the Portuguese language who want to test their ability 

    • People aiming to get a Portuguese residency 

The exam is broken down in four parts:

    • Compreensão oral (listening)

    • Compreensão escrita (reading)

    • Produção escrita (writing)

    • Produção oral (speaking) 

The total time of the exam is around 2 hours. 

How to get Portuguese residency? Who needs to take the A2 level exam for Portuguese residency?

You will need to prove your A2 level in Portuguese to obtain residency if you want to:

    • Get Portuguese citizenship after living in Portugal for 5+ years (Golden Visa, D7 visa, etc)

    • Apply for permanent residency after living in Portugal for 5+ years (for third-country nationals)

    • Apply for Portuguese citizen through a Portuguese grandparent

    • Apply for Portuguese citizen through a spouse

How Long to Get to A2 in Portuguese? 

This of course depends on many things:

    • Your current level

    • Your native language

    • How much are you willing to commit every week/day to Portuguese language learning

However, I usually tell my students it can take anywhere between 6 months to one year to pass the A2 level Portuguese language test. 

If you need help in learning Portuguese and want to know more about my courses, contact me here.   

Is CIPLE A2 difficult? 

Again, this depends. Most of my students are from different parts of East Asia, which means their first language is drastically different from Portuguese. For them, it’s much more difficult to pass the exam than it would be for, for example, a Spanish or French person. 

However, A2 remains a basic level in the CEFR scale, and overall, it is quite easy to pass. 

CIPLE A2 Topic Checklist

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What Should I Learn to Get the A2? 

*The topics that have blog posts on the website are linked, make sure to read them to learn for free!!*

Vocabulary topics:

    • People
        • Family

        • Physical description

    • Places
        • Restaurant

        • Café

        • Shops

        • Bank

        • Post office

        • Hotel

        • Road, asking for directions

    • Hobbies
        • Sports

        • Going out

        • Shows

        • Holiday trips

    • Public transportation
        • Subway

        • Train

        • Bus

        • Taxi

    • Daily life
        • Work

        • Shopping

        • Daily activities / Daily routine

    • Accommodation
        • Units in the house

        • Interior decor

    • Everyday objects

    • Common animals

    • Countries and cities

    • Itinerary

    • Weather forecast

    • Events
        • Meetings

        • Evening out

        • Family events

        • Visits

        • Excursions

        • Accidents

        • TV news

Gramática – Grammar to pass CIPLE A2 exam

    • Pretérito Perfeito Simples do Indicativo – Preterite / Past tense
        • Verbos regulares – regular verbs

        • Verbos irregulares – irregular verbs

    • Exprimir o futuro – express the future
        • Presente do indicativo com adverbiais do tempo futuro – present tense with future adverbs

        • Ir + infinitivo – to be going to

    • Determinantes artigos definidos e indefinidos – Definite and indefinite articles 

    • Determinantes e pronomes possessivos – possessive pronouns

    • Determinantes e pronomes demonstrativos – demonstrative pronouns

    • Pronomes pessoais – Personal Pronouns

    • Pronomes e advérbios interrogativos – pronouns and adverbs Interrogative 

    • Preposições de tempo – prepositions of time

    • Preposições de movimento – prepositions of movement 

    • Preposições e locuções de espaço – prepositions of space 

Want to pass the A2? I HAVE NEWS!

I am currently working on a course that will cover the basics of surviving in Portugal, and the necessary vocabulary and grammar to pass the A2 level exam. 

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In the meantime, you can also book a trial 1-on-1 class with me and learn more about the requirements to pass the exam. 

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