For many of you learners, I’m sure, France is synonymous with fashion. Several of my students want to learn French for its link to fashion, clothing, and overall aesthetic. How do you talk about clothing in French? This blog post will give you all the essential French clothing vocabulary you need! Whether you’re shopping in Paris or simply want to enrich your linguistic repertoire, mastering these words will enable you to discuss clothing with confidence. 

Let’s discover the key pieces that make up a fashionable French wardrobe!


  1. French Clothing Sentences and Expressions


  1. At the clothing store

Excusez-moi, vous (n’)auriez pas ce pull en taille 38?
Excuse-me, do you have this sweater in size 38?

Ce pantalon est trop grand, je peux essayer la taille en-dessous?
These trousers are too big, may I try the size below?

Où est-ce que je peux essayer?
Where can I can try it out?

Les cabines d’essayage sont où?
Where are the fitting rooms?

Teacher tip: To sound more casual in spoken French, you can put the question word at the end of the question instead of the beginning. This is only in spoken French. 

Useful French Adjectives for clothing:

Grand: big/large

Petit: small

Serré: tight

long: long

court: short

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    1. Asking and giving opinions about clothing in French

    Ça me va bien?
    Does it suit me?

    T’en penses quoi?
    What do you think?

    T’aimes bien cette chemise?
    Do you like this shirt?

    J’adore! Ça te va super bien.
    I love it! It suits you perfectly.

    Tu l’as acheté où?
    Where did you buy it?

    Teacher tip: In spoken French, in a casual setting, you don’t have to pronounce the u in tu and can replace it with an apostrophe ‘.


    1. French Clothing Vocabulary 

      1. Tops in French

    Let’s start from the top and explore the various tops you’ll encounter in French fashion:

      • T-shirt (m): le t-shirt

      • Blouse (f): la blouse

      • Shirt (m): la chemise

      • Sweater (m): le pull

      • Cardigan (m): le cardigan

      • Tank top (m): le débardeur

      • Polo shirt (m): le polo

      • Hoodie (m): le sweat à capuche


    1. Bottoms in French:

    Now, let’s move on to the lower half of your outfit and explore the different types of bottoms:


      • Pants (m): le pantalon

      • Jeans (m): le jean

      • Skirt (f): la jupe

      • Dress (f): la robe

      • Shorts (m): le short

      • Leggings (m): le legging

      • Trousers (m): le pantalon

      • Culottes (f): les culottes


    1. Outerwear in French:

    For those chilly days or to complete your ensemble, consider these stylish outerwear options:


      • Coat (m): le manteau

      • Jacket (f): la veste

      • Blazer (m): le blazer

      • Parka (f): la parka

      • Raincoat (m): l’imperméable

      • Windbreaker (m): le coupe-vent

      • Trench coat (m): le trench

      • Bomber jacket (m): le blouson
      • Puffy jacket (f): la doudoune

    4. Footwear in French:

    No outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes. Here are some popular footwear choices in French:


      • Sneakers (m): les baskets

      • Sandals (m): les sandales

      • Boots (m): les bottes

      • High heels (m): les talons hauts

      • Flats (f): les ballerines

      • Loafers (m): les mocassins

      • Slippers (m): les chaussons

      • Flip-flops (m): les tongs

    5. Accessories in French:

    To add that extra touch of elegance and style, don’t forget about accessories:


      • Hat (m): le chapeau

      • Scarf (m): l’écharpe

      • Gloves (m): les gants

      • Belt (m): la ceinture

      • Sunglasses (f): les lunettes de soleil

      • Watch (f): la montre

      • Handbag (m): le sac à main

      • Backpack (m): le sac à dos


    Congratulations, language learners! You’ve now expanded your French clothing vocabulary, equipping yourself with the essential words to navigate the world of fashion. Remember, the key to mastering these terms is practice and immersion. Try incorporating them into your everyday conversations, reading fashion blogs in French, or even going on a virtual shopping spree to reinforce your understanding. So, embrace the chic and sophisticated style of French fashion, and let your newfound clothing vocabulary shine as you express your personal style with panache!


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