Online resources for European Portuguese are scarce. If you are learning Portuguese, you have probably noticed that most mobile apps and language websites provide resources in Brazilian Portuguese, as the population that speaks it is much larger.

In this digital era, we have grown addict to quick fixes and fun games. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for language learning. Vocabulary acquisition, constant repetition, grammar exercises, speaking practice, it all takes time.

But when it’s 10pm and you’re in bed, a language app sounds much more appealing than a grammar book. And when you are google Portuguese online resources, it becomes an exercise in itself to find something worth it.


So here are a few websites and apps to help you learn European Portuguese.


1. Best Websites to Learn Portuguese

1. Amazing Talker

have to say I am biased because this is the online language teaching platform I have been using for several years. But the truth is, it is pretty great. You can learn Portuguese online with native tutors that will make personalised lessons according to your goals. 

I have also used it as a student and found a mandarin Chinese teacher I consider now a friend and with whom I have been having online classes for over a year.

Amazing Talker is great not only for students, but for teachers as well, thanks to the mentorship program that allows teachers to build a team and grow on the platform.


    • Learn from native speakers (including me!)

    •  Classes can be recorded and downloaded (if the teacher allows it)
    • Group classes available

    • Great opportunities for both students and teachers


    • Platform is a bit rusty, messaging with teachers can be tidious
    • Recent update with automatic messages making it difficult to know which messages come from the teacher and which ones from a robot





Sign up on Amazing Talker and get a discount 

Online Portuguese tutors


Learn Portuguese Online

Online Portuguese tutors





2. Practice Portuguese

My all-time favourite European Portuguese resource. It was created by a native speaker and a learner and uses natural vocabulary that we would say, unlike many popular apps. 


  • Created by a native speaker and a learner
  • Complete content with blog posts, audios, and YouTube Videos
  • Use of natural native Portuguese
  • Has an extended paid app with


  • The paid app is quite childlike. Great for children, but adults might not like it as much. 

3. iTalki

Like Amazing Talker, iTalki is a great website to find an online Portuguese tutors.



  • More European Portuguese teachers than Amazing Talker
  • Learn from native speakers


  • The platform is a bit old-school, takes a while to understand
  • No mentorship benefits for teachers.



Sign up for iTalki and get $20 off. 



4. Languages with Jéssica

Well, duh! Even though the site is new and a work in progress, my goal is to turn it into an extensive online resource which combines everything you need to learn Portuguese.


  • Written by a native speaker and teacher of three years
  • You can suggest which language content you would like to see by commenting below
  • It’s completely FREE




learn Portuguese for Free on Languages with Jéssica.



5. Youtube

It seems obvious, I know, but one fantastic thing about European Portuguese, is that most of the online content was created by natives who noticed the same thing as me: there aren’t resources for people to learn our language, so I’m creating my own.


2. Best APPS to learn Portuguese

Apps to learn European Portuguese are quite rare, as most of the popular apps like Duolingo or Babbel teach Brazilian Portuguese. Although you can absolutely communicate in any Portuguese-speaking country with either one of the two versions of the language, if you prefer to learn European Portuguese for any reason (for example, to pass the CAPLE exam), here are the best mobile apps to download. 

1. Memrise

Memrise is one of the very few apps that gives language lessons in both European and Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Native Portuguese expressions, natural speech
  • Pre-recorded video lessons


  • The first few online lesson is free, the subscription fee is about $7/month afterwards. There is very little content accessible for free.

2. Pimsleur

Learners often struggle with pronunciation and listening. Pimsleur tackles that obstacle first hand by teaching solely through language repetition and mirroring. 

  • Focus on listening, comprehension, and speaking 
  • Audio file allows mobility and learning anywhere 


  • No written form
  • Doesn’t teach how to write

3. Hello Talk

Hello Talk is a free app that works as a language learning social media.You can post statuses, photos, and message native speakers who can help you correct your posts. It’s a fun, interactive, and natural way to learn while making friends.




Download Hello Talk for Android and iPhone





Overall, apps and websites can be a powerful tool to learn a language, including Portuguese. However, using them solely is not enough to reach fluency. Combine language apps with other tools such as books, online lessons, and content in your target language to improve even faster. 


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