When traveling to a country, knowing the names of places and buildings in the city is fundamental, as they will help you to get around, ask for directions, and simply survive. 

Now imagine this… you just landed in Paris, you are looking for a hotel, and everyone around you speaks French but your last french class was 3 months ago (if you want to prepare for your trip now, you can always book one with me). What do you do? 

Or maybe you’re in secondary school, with the GCSE around the corner, and you need a quick refresher on French places in town. 

Well, worry not, here are all the names of places in the city in French you need to know. 

La banque 
The bank

The airport 

Le restau(rant)
The restaurant 

Le café 
The coffee shop 

La bibliothèque 
The library 

La poste
The post office

L’arrêt de bus
The bus stop 

La gare
The train station 

La pharmacie 
The pharmacy 

La salle de sport 
The gym

If you’re not sure how to structure sentences in French, or what to do with this vocabulary, check the 20 most important sentences in French. 

To create sentences with these words, you can also read 50 most important French verbs.

The hospital 

Le magasin 
The shop 

Le centre commercial 
The shopping mall

Le supermarché 
The supermarket 

La boulangerie 
The bakery 

The hotel 

L’auberge de jeunesse 
The hostel

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