French grammar is complex and requires a lot of repetition and language input. Here is an exclusive grammar Crash Course with everything you need to know.

— This section is a work in progress. It’s a lot of work to explain all the grammar points in a way that makes sense and to come up with native-like example sentences. Keep checking this post to see what’s new 🇫🇷❤️

Where to start?

Basic French Grammar Structure

The Subject Group

As the King of the French sentence, the noun decides every other part of the subject (as well as the verb). Find here everything you need about pronouns, nouns, adjectives, and how they interact with each other. Number, singular, plural, gender, masculine, feminine, and all of that jazz.


The Verbal Group

French verbs are a lot! There is a total of 16 tenses in French, making it one of the toughest grammars to learn. This part combines everything you need to know about French verbs and includes REAL LIFE sentences that natives would say. None of that Duolingo The dog eats an orange stuff.


The 50 Essential Verbs


Adverbs are key to make yourself understood, even when your conjugations are not quite right. They describe locations, periods of time, make comparisons, and highlight how any action is done. Without them, a sentence would be meaningless.

Adverbs of time
Adverbs of frequency
Adverbs of location
Adverbs with -ment


Those little annoying words that follow a verb or precede a noun and can change the whole meaning of a sentence. De, à, pour, par, avec, chez, …

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